samedi 17 mars 2018

Scorched - Excavated for Evisceration (2018)

This new release from Scorched, called Excavated for Evisceration (do you like poetry?), is not a new album but the gathering of two demos from 2015 and 2017. But it's a good release anyway and I'm discovering them thanks to it, so... What they play is old school thrashy death metal (what a surprise!), vicious riffing for a putrid feel. Could remind early Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy, not exactly, but this kind of stuff... There's also some horror movie style synth interludes, useless in my opinion, but not really a problem either.  If you're into old school death metal I recommended you give it a try.

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mardi 13 mars 2018

Pessimist - Pessimist (2017)

I discovered Pessimist with the excellent 12'' Balaklava (in 2016), and the self-titled album he released last year (again on Blackest Ever Black) is also high quality stuff. Sowewhat dub techno with the addition of excellent jungle loops. Combining techno and drum & bass (I said "jungle" because I'd say it's quite old school sounding d & b) is not easy, but Pessimist masters it. With this album he's building an atmosphere that is like a wandering in an old factory/warehouse that is haunted by the echoes of the rave/soundsystem of the nights. I like it.

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samedi 10 mars 2018

Voidhanger - Dark Days of the Soul (2018)

Dark Days of the Soul is the third album from Polish trio Voidhanger. Their music sounds like a cool mix of Entombed, Marduk, Martyrdod  and Impaled Nazarene, trashy black/death with a healthy dose of d-beat. They keep things simple and straight to the point and they're good at it producing catchy and memorable songs that anyone into this kind of radical metalpunk would dig.

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jeudi 8 mars 2018

Emanation - Temple Sleep Crystallization (2016)

Temple Sleep Crystallization is the second album from the Spanish one man band Emanation (you can read HERE my review of it's previous one). This is the kind of black metal that would feel at ease in the company of bands like Blut Aus Nord, Aluk Todolo or Chaos Echoes. There's definitely a black metal base (low-fi guitar sound, blast-beats on some traks, a bit of croaked vocals, the anguished feel), but sounding a bit like it's played by free jazz musicians, plunged into a vortex of dissonance, and passed through a krautrock machine (repetitive patterns and the general weirdness). It is a very special and excellent album.

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lundi 5 mars 2018

Repulsione - Desecrating (2018)

Repulsione is an Italian two bass guitars and a drummer grind trio. Desecrating (released by Wooaaargh this month) is their third album (I think, I'm discovering them with this one... but they started in 2004. shame on me, I'm slightly late! ). On these fourteen tracks you'll enjoy some cool deathgrind grooves as well as faster bursts of grind/PV with a "schling schling" snare sound that I really like, with also some good traditionnal grind vocals. Old school sounding but offering something different as well, this is a very nice album I will listen to many times.  Recommended!

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lundi 26 février 2018

H880 - Noir et Mornes (2018), Czarnadusza (EP 2017), You, Me and the Violence (2016)

I'm briefly reviewing here three releases form the French techno producer H880.
His most recent Noir et Mornes stress the most dark ambient side of his industrial & hardcore techno, you guessed it it's darker and more ambient...
the Czarnadusza EP released in the end of last year is more beat-driven, with a more warehouse rave / hardcore feel.
You, Me and the Violence released in 2016 is more an album, a set in 6 acts, and progress from a quieter dark feel to more direct hardcore tracks. (so we could say it combines the sound of his two releases that followed).
Anyway, those three releases, as well as what he did before, is all good and anyone into the bleaker/darker /industrial side of hardcore techno should pay attention to it and enjoy.

The bandcamp pages :
Noir et Mornes


You, Me and the Violence

lundi 19 février 2018

Abatuar - Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta (2017)

Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta is the first album (after two demos) of the one man band from Panama Abatuar (it's sung in spanish). It's very raw and bestial old school death metal reminds both Revenge and Repulsion. I especially like it's most d-beat/grind parts, breathing some dynamism into the chaos. If you like this kind of musical savagery (I do!) it's a really enjoyable album.

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